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Welcome to the home of stars and fireflies. Ratargul Holiday Home offers you a life closer to nature and serenity. If you choose to take a break from the urban life, if you wish to the cherish the quietude beside lakes, gaze at the stars, and relish the moonlit nights, this holiday home may just be the perfect destination. You might also enjoy the enthralling sites those are evident at the Ratargul Swamp Forest and Meghalaya hills of India, all of which can be observed from the rooftop of this villa. A crescent lake surrounding the spot avails you with angling facilities. Barbecue parties are arranged on the 2nd floor, at a 1200 SQ ft balcony, where you can be accompanied by 30-40 people. If you’re a devotee of music, acoustic performances can be arranged by local singers, if informed a week prior to your arrival. It is to be kept in mind that, if your trip is to shop and watch the sun set behind the urban skyline, Ratargul Holiday Home is not an appropriate choice. Tranquility and composure manifest themselves at this exclusive Holiday Home.


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